Freedom R & R's with Timeshares for Vets.

Show your appreciation for our Veterans

Generations of men and women in our Armed Forces have sacrificed for the good of America in ways most Americans can not imagine. The time away from their families is only the beginning. Many have willingly gone into harm's way with honor and discipline because their country asked them to. Some have paid the ultimate sacrifice and given their lives for freedom, and still others come back wounded in ways I pray we will never experience. All of their service allows you and me the opportunity to live our lives securely and without fear. America is the greatest country in the world because we are free, free to create the lives we choose for ourselves in the freedom secured by our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and Coast Guard.

Now we have the opportunity to serve those who have served us!

Timeshares for Vets Helps with Freedom R & R's

The TFT Foundation (Charitable arm of Callahan Techniques, Ltd.) and organizations like the Columbia Basin Veterans Resource Coalition and The National Veterans Foundation provide a free, much needed trauma stress relief retreat to our returning Veterans.

The donation of one week at timeshare resort will allow selected veterans and their families will have the opportunity to relax and reconnect. In addition to the timeshare, the veterans and their families will receive self-help materials for trauma, grief, anger and stress, along with access and support from a professional trauma specialist coach or mentor who clearly understand the unique needs of Veterans.

All donations will be made to the TFT Foundation, a California non-profit, public benefit corporation and 501 (c) (3).

Your generous donation of one to four weeks at a timeshare is greatly appreciated and will help many men and women of the Armed Services receive much needed relaxation, restoration, and relief to help them on the road to eliminating stress and regaining their lives. Timeshares for Vets is NOT equipped to receive deeds to timeshares only donated weeks.

Any amount of funds, your transfer fees, and any other fees incurred with donating the 1-4 week use of your selected time share may be tax deductible. You will receive a tax donation letter once your timeshare has been donated and your expense receipts have been received by the TFT Foundation.

If you do not currently own a timeshare but would like to help this worthwhile project, you can make donations toward travel for the Veteran's retreats in the form of funds or airline miles. You may make online donations at www.TFTFoundation.org. Donations can be made with Mastercard or Visa.

The Directory of Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses

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